"To practice for the Steck-Salathé, crawl across asphalt parking lots in the summer, on your knees and elbows."

- Dingus Milktoast

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Barkley fever

Yeah, it’s that time of the year again. The Barkley Marathons have finished a couple of hours ago, being one of the most historic editions of the race, by far. 3 finishers this year (and for the first time ever): Brett Maune in 52:03:08 (smashing the course record on his 2nd consecutive finish), Jared Campbell in 56:00:15, and John Fegyveresi in 59:41:21.

There was a lot of activity in Twitter (myself included) during the weekend, with lots of real-time photos and videos being shared by crews and spectators at specific points along the course. Also, a crew was filming a bunch of footage for an upcoming documentary about the race. If you want to support the project, make sure to donate here. Stay tuned to Matt Mahoney’s Barkley page, because he will be gathering all the data and race reports in the upcoming days.

Following the Barkley always psyches me, so I’ve decided that next year I’ll apply for running it. After 4 years of following it closely, I think that it’s about time to give it a go. Hope I can toe the line at the yellow gate on next year’s edition…

Photo: “Danger Dave’s Climbing Wall” as captured at the 2007 Barkley, by Henry Speir.

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