"Fucking Layton Kor... God I hate Cameron Burns. I wonder how much it would hurt if I just jumped? Why the hell would anyone climb this hunk of dirt anyway, or anything for that matter-pointless? How long can you be dead and still be an organ donor?"

- Frank Stock's thoughts while on the Kor Route on Monster Tower

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Tribal sounds

Last night Octavio and I attended the Force Fest, a small metal festival that took place at José Cuervo Salón, in Mexico City. We were interested in watching a couple of the announced bands, Destruction and Exciter, due to their names being known in the underground thrash metal scene, but most importantly to watch Soulfly, the band from Sepultura‘s former frontman Max Cavalera.

Unfortunately, due to some organizational fuck-ups, the festival begun 1 hour earlier and with the bands in different order than originally announced, so we arrived with enough time to only watch Soulfly before the whole event ended. To our good fortune, almost half of their setlist consisted of covers from classic Sepultura stuff, so we didn’t leave the venue with much disappointment after all…

Soulfly Setlist José Cuervo Salón, Mexico City, Mexico 2012, Enslaved

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