"Lamest response ever to 'Let's toss for the crux pitch?': 'I don't have a coin'."

- Martin Carpenter

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Let the year go

This time I won’t write a brief recap of the year, however, during the last couple of days I’ve been reflecting on the bunch of things that happened.

Just like every other year, 2011 was packed with a lot of good things: travel, races, mountains, family, new and old friends, work, concerts, training… the list could be long. But it also had some very rough moments: losses, angst, illness, depression…

All of this forced me to practice and try to learn a lot of things, among others: detachment, meditation, tolerance, compassion, forgiveness, humility. This definitely wasn’t planned but the way some events happened didn’t left room for standing still, actions had to be taken.

There’s still plenty to work on for the next year and onwards, but some of the resolutions I’ve made include: put less or none expectations on people, let go of people who I no longer feel identified with, make peace with different pending subjects, reconnect with my inner self, worry less and enjoy more…

It wouldn’t be fair to say that this year was bad because, in fact, it wasn’t. It was just really tough, in every possible way, good and bad. I’m grateful with it because it left me with a lot of things to work on and improve, but also because it’s gone now. I’m pretty sure this was just the beginning of a better and much saner way of life.

2012, bring it on!

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