"All men dream, although not in the same way. The ones who dream by night in the dusty shelters of their minds, wake up the next day and discover that it was just vanity; but the ones who dream by day are dangerous men, because they can represent their dreams with the eyes open to make them possible."

- Lawrence, T. E., 1922

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Beating my laziness

Just as every other Thursday, Mau, Cova & I went to do some bouldering at Chiluca’s cave. Already at the place were Gabo, Gilman and the rest of the folks. We climbed a lot of the classic stuff and tried a couple of new problems. The weather was extremely comfortable, the sunset spectacular and the friendly vibe really good. All the necessary ingredients for a good bouldering session.

Back at home, I was almost convinced that I was done for the day, but I was wrong. I suddenly felt the psychological need to go for a little run. The hard part was to convince my body to move again after all the hard climbing. Once on the road, the legs began to cooperate and the workout became something natural. In the end, my body really likes nightly activities…

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